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Cameroon : Official signing of MoU with the university of Bamenda.

The Experiential higher institute of science and technology officially signed the MoU with the university of Bamenda on september 15th, 2021. This is a very great step for the institution and now, all degrees and master certificates in public health and other fields of studies are officially issued by the university of Bamenda.

Exhist is a health science professional institution that embraces experiential styled  system  of training  to  deliver  value to  agile youth  aspiring to become exceptional healthcare professionals. This training model  enable the students to graduate  with relevant hard  and soft  skills to  outsmart the tensed national and international job market compétition. To this effect, the  graduates will  confidently sit-in for various international exams for healthcare professionals like  the  NCLEX and NMC-CBT IN USA and UK respectivly if they so  désire. With this Exhist stand as a bridge to  self actualization  and vision realization  when it  comes  to selecting and purning the  career path in healthcare. The dynamic  and devoted staff, well  equipped  laboratories and démonstration rooms comfortable furniture, spacious classrooms and a very  neat study environment  cumulatively interplay to  reassure success. Exhist offers programs both in the Medical & Biomedical Science,  Business Management and Finance  field. The medical science field offers programs in  Nursing (NU), medical laboratory science (MLS) and Pharmacy technology (PT). Accountancy, Finance, Business Management, Marketing and IT staff members have professional qualifications in the various programs backed by relevant experience in their areas of training. Our administrative staff is bilingual to offer counseling to students.


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